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Technical advantages of Zhonghui medical film and bag products

Author:管理员 Scan:3 TIME:Apr 28, 2020

1、 Zhonghui company has an annual output of 4000 tons of pharmaceutical plastic bags, ranking the forefront of domestic pharmaceutical packaging material manufacturers;

2、 All polyethylene resins produced by large petrochemical enterprises at home and abroad are used, with high purity and few impurities;

3、 It has many kinds and specifications of plastic film and bag products, such as medical polyethylene film and bag; sterile raw material medical polyethylene film and bag; food grade plastic film and bag; breathing bag, freeze-drying film, strapping belt, stretch winding film, etc;

4、 The quality management system is strict and complete, and the production process is strictly controlled to provide high-end customers with high-quality products without black spots.

5、 All the products meet or are superior to the national standards, among which "a preparation method of low n-hexane dissolved polyethylene film" has won the national invention patent and the second prize of Hebei Provincial Science and technology progress;

6、 The product has obtained the EU regulation (EU) No10 / 2011, ROHS directive, fda21cfr, USP and other relevant product certificates to ensure that the product meets different needs.

The best products, of course, with the best packaging!

Zhonghui plastic bag, not packaging, is a kind of attitude of striving for perfection, a kind of sincerity to relieve the worries of customers, and a solemn commitment!

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