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Sterile membrane for medical devices

Sterile membrane for medical devices

The sterile membrane has the advantages of inert material, good biological and chemical stability, good barrier performance and mechanical strength, which can better protect the sterile products, at the same time, it has the minimum number of surface particles, and minimize the pollution to the packaged products.

Product parameters
  • 【Product size】Length 100-1350mm, width 100-1000mm
  • 【Product texture of material】low density polyethylene
  • 【Product thickness】0.05-0.2 mm thick
  • 【Product colour】transparent
  • 【executive standard】Q/SYZB02-2009
  • 【Product function】none
Product introduction

Our company has the medical low density polyethylene sterile membrane (bag) class I packaging material registration certificate.

1. The "n-hexane dissolution" index is the only one that has reached the national standard and won the science and technology support project award of Hebei Province;

2. Have strict quality control system, production environment part hundred level;

3. Gamma ray sterilization, provide irradiation certificate and sterilization record;

4. Three layer vacuum aseptic packaging;

5. According to the customer's requirements, we can produce single, double and different width of heat sealing line, which has high strength and no bag leakage;

6. We can provide different products according to customers' requirements;

7. Thickness 0.05-0.20mm, width 200-1200mm.

Product advantages:

1. Zhonghui has an annual output of 4000 tons, ranking the first in China (the first in the world);

2. Zhonghui is one of the only two pharmaceutical packaging enterprises with sterile membrane Registration Certificate in China;

3. Zhonghui has class I registration certificate and QS certificate of national medical packaging materials;

4. Zhonghui's "n-hexane dissolution" index is the only one that has reached the national standard and won the science and technology support project award of Hebei Province;

5. Zhonghui plastic bag conforms to USP, EP and BP standards, and has passed SGS test on plasticizer and heavy metal content;

6. Zhonghui can provide products with different shapes such as flat bottom, square bottom, chamfering and shoulder inserting according to customers' needs; products with different colors such as blue, black and transparent; products with different functions such as anti-static and low temperature resistance.

Product display


Zhongzheng Renhe, Huina Baichuan

The R & D of new products shall be carried out in accordance with the "five criteria" (national standards, industry standards, customer standards, competitive products, customer use methods) and the "seven determinations" (raw materials, specifications, dimensions, appearance (color)






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