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Zhonghui Fu

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Zhonghui Fu

Pillow Weiwei Taihang, according to youYou yanzhao, near the Chinese pharmaceutical capital, embracing the scenery of Jifu, LAN Shiyi ancient town, sitting in Luquan new area. In the 21 new era, the banner of reform will be displayed, and prosperity will be continued since ancient times; the city will be condensed, and vitality will be extended. At the right time, our Zhonghui company, with its sonorous steps, takes the lead in spirit, blooms in Chinese medicine package and xiucui in apricot forest.

Looking back to the past, 60 years, anti Japanese beacon fire, Jizhong wolf smoke. Originally known as "sanitary material", it only produces medicinal yarn and cotton. It originated in Shunping, Hebei Province and turns around Taihang Mountains. In the years of Anti Japanese War of liberation, the name of "Jiyi" was changed, and the drug bag grew and fell; after the change of merger and transformation, the control changed in the spring and Autumn period. "Inheriting the culture of stone medicine and doing a good job in drug packaging", a small stream of small streams will flow into a river in a thousand miles.

It is beautiful, with a myriad of sceneries: the factory building is as grand as the array, the yard is full of verdant flowers; there are chrysanthemums, yellow locusts, and cypresses, green peaches; the flying wing inscription of shiting is "grateful", and the craggy rocks are engraved with "sorrow and joy"; it is more beautiful than the garden of Suzhou, which is in line with the ideal of Confucianism. The Phoenix perches in the plane, the fish leaps in the abyss, the shape wins like this, the outstanding Jun returns to Yan. Gather the elites of the world, regardless of the north and South; gather the talents of the sea, no matter what. Experts gather and talents emerge in large numbers. Adhering to the character of "integrity, diligence, professionalism and innovation", adhering to the fashion of "openness, inclusiveness, cooperation and efficiency", we should "observe the needs of customers before worrying about them, and strive for the well-being of employees". "Do not rejoice in the benefits, do not grieve in the small", sow the great virtue of benevolence, and build a model of civilization. The people of benevolence are devoted to their work, and the people with lofty ideals are brave enough to help each other with common plans and prosperity.

Today, I am a member of Zhonghui, and I will show you the best in the world. Plastic film, plastic bag, plastic bottle, plastic cover... Are leading in China; stone medicine, Guangyao, Guoyao, Huayao... Join hands with strategic partners. Introduce the industry pioneer, Zhongzheng Renhe, virtue, ambition, and fame; lead the world tide, collect all rivers, strive for self-improvement, and keep pace with the times to compose a new chapter!

Zhonghui's sons and daughters have always adhered to the mission of "serving the pharmaceutical enterprises and making human health more secure"; kept in mind the motto of "being sincere and doing things strictly"; adhered to the business philosophy of "leading in quality, technology, cost and service"; devoted to "creating value for customers"; and focused on "being a professional pharmaceutical packaging base in China". "Good medicine bag, zhonghuizao" will be famous in Shenzhou and famous all over the world!

For a hundred years, the years are like songs, the past can be learned, the past can be traced. "Change" is the road of development, and the spirit of "innovation" is the only one that remains unchanged! Integrating the "innovation" gene into the blood, we will continue to grow; "professional survival, innovation and development", 500 years can be continued!

Zhonghui dream, hurry up! Encourage my colleagues to give wishes!

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