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Professional knowledge training held by Haishun group

Recently, the salesmen of Haishun group carried out a three-day professional knowledge training in Shijiazhuang Zhonghui pharmaceutical packaging Co., Ltd. Participants in the training include Shanghai Haishun new pharmaceutical packaging materials Co., Ltd. (Haishun new materials), Shijiazhuang Zhonghui pharmaceutical packaging Co., Ltd. (Zhonghui pharmaceutical packaging Co., Ltd.), Zhejiang duoling pharmaceutical packaging materials Co., Ltd. (duoling pharmaceutical packaging Co., Ltd.).

This training is the first joint training held since "Haishun new material" became a shareholder of "Zhonghui pharmaceutical packaging" in July this year. The purpose of this training is to improve the professional knowledge level of the sales personnel of pharmaceutical packaging materials, so that they can better serve the pharmaceutical enterprises.

The training party invited experienced industry experts to give lectures, focusing on procurement and supply chain management, brand building and value sales, and closely combining with the actual situation of China's pharmaceutical packaging industry. During the training, Sinopharm group and Yiling pharmaceutical industry were also invited to participate in the exchange. The technical personnel of Sinopharm group explained the product knowledge of pharmaceutical plastic bottle, pharmaceutical plastic bag and pharmaceutical aluminum plastic combination cover on site, and guided the trainees to visit the production site. At the same time, Honeywell international, one of the world's top 500 enterprises, sent experts to teach the product knowledge of Aclar (Accra) barrier film.

The training has deepened the understanding of the subsidiaries of Haishun group in terms of customer resources, products and market share, laying a foundation for giving full play to the complementary advantages of products and rapidly improving market influence.

Haishun group has always been adhering to the mission of "packaging good medicine for the world" and "making human health more secure". It is committed to giving full play to its product advantages and building a "leading brand of pharmaceutical oral preparation packaging materials".


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